Jill Sanders - Hope Harbor

Hope Harbor

When Eve inherits her the family business, Candlewood Inn, she leaves her controlling ex and her job in Seattle behind to head to her childhood home on a small island on the Canadian border. Arriving only to find out that her family is in an uproar over her grandfather's very legal dying wishes. After all, the group of sniveling babies had been living rent-free in the outdated luxurious hotel for years and using her grandfather's bank account to bankroll their own luxurious lives. But, since Eve is the only one with a business degree and the one with all the power now, she'll have to kick her family out of their rent-free, carefree lives if she plans on saving the Inn and herself from ruin.
Single dad, Dylan started his own handy-man business a few years back. He's the only one on Orcas Island who could swing a hammer and not miss. So, when the new owner takes over at the Inn and hires him to remodel the old place, he jumps at the chance to make his mark on the huge building. Working with Eve is a pure delight, since the woman seems to know what she's after. The fact that she's nice to look at and Dylan's daughter, Palmer is infatuated with her, is a bonus. It’s the rest of the Candlewood family they will need to worry about. Especially, since it appears someone is out to destroy everything they are working for before they even really get started. 

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