Jill Sanders - The Beyond

The Beyond

Selene never asked for the darkness that followed her all her life. It wasn't until her sixteenth birthday that something clicked and she began to understand how to control it. She spent years jumping between foster homes, and the only steady person in her life was Scott. Her foster-family-brother. Finding out that she had an actual sister, had been some of the only good news in her life. Then a brother is thrown into the mix and he's even worse than she'd dreaded. Then he goes and kidnaps Scott. There will be hell to pay.

Scott was a lost soul. He was born into the world a bastard and left the world the same. Only, he wasn't dead. At least not that he remembered dying. But he is now trapped in the underworld, or the beyond as Selene had always called it. The only thing he regrets in his short life was not telling her how important she was to him. 

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