Jill Sanders - A Pride Christmas

A Pride Christmas

Take a magical trip back in time to Pride and enjoy meeting some new people and watching how the Jordan family welcome them in this special Holiday Novella. 

Alice McKinney was supposed to be home for the holidays, enjoying her mother’s home-made pies and her father’s fried turkey. Instead, she’s trapped in a blizzard, held up in a small cabin somewhere on the coast of Oregon. If that wasn’t bad enough, her brother had sent his best friend, Eric to drive her home instead of himself. This meant, she was stranded with the man of her childhood dreams.

It was supposed to be a simple road trip to help his best friend out. Go down to Cali, grab Alice and bring her home to Portland. Spending fifteen hours in a car with the girl he’d always wanted but couldn’t have was punishment enough. That was until the storm hit, leaving them stranded in one of the most romantically perfect settings. Now, he’ll get to spend the holidays with his dream woman in a very magical place.

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