Jill Sanders - Angel Bluff

Angel Bluff

Morgan wakes in the hospital broken and confused, with no memory of the last four years. Dazed from the meds, she’s stunned to learn that she’s married to the sexy green-eyed man haunting her dreams. Just one look from this hot bad-boy causes her entire body to react. But who is this guy? What was their relationship like? Men like this don’t usually fall for her. Did he have had something to do with the accident? Unsure who to trust, she returns to her ambivalent family only to be caught up in a web of lies, drama, and deadly deception.

Liam can’t believe his good fortune. Orphaned at birth, and homeless for most of his teen years, he managed to claw his way out of the slums to become a multi-millionaire before the age of twenty. He then stumbles upon the love of his life in a chance encounter on a rare night out. After convincing her to leave her overbearing family for him, the stage was set to live happily ever after. But now someone is hell-bent on taking everything he holds dear. With the details of Morgan’s accident becoming more clear, he’ll have to fight to keep her safe and convince her that he’s worthy of her trust and love once again.